Unexpected Outcomes

Apr 14, 2022 by Iris Munchinsky
Case in point: As my nephew stood next in line at the grocery store, he became aware of the couple in front rummaging through pockets and wallets to come up with enough cash to pay for their groceries. Feeling their pain, he quietly signalled the cashier that he would take care of their purchases. While the woman exhibited considerable gratitude, the man abruptly whirled around and shouted, "I don't need anyone paying for my groceries. I can pay for them myself!" Only after quite a bit of coaxing did he manage to subdue the chip on his shoulder and allow my nephew to pay.

On another occasion, while my sister was grocery shopping, a woman approached her, asking if she knew the whereabouts of a certain product and indicating that she didn't know how she'd pay for her groceries. My sister (it must be a family thing) offered to walk around with her as she picked up a few things and then pay for them. Her eyes widened, however, when the woman began tossing her grocery wish-list into the cart (carte blanche, if you will) until it was practically full. At the cash register, as heaps of groceries were crowded onto the counter, she had to inform the cashier of a $200 cut-off. Even at that, certain items had to be removed. To top it off, since the woman wasn't driving, she had to drive her home and carry the groceries into the house.

While occurrences like the above leave our mouths hanging open, consider an even more incredible incident from two thousand years ago. Christ, the Son of God, seeing our desperate situation in which we, as bankrupt sinners, had no way to reach heaven, chose to pay the entire cost of our salvation by taking our place on death row. After suffering an agonizing death on the cross, three days later He rose from the grave and later returned to heaven. That should be enough to bring us to our knees in thanksgiving and repentance, right? But no, like the unappreciative grocery shoppers, how often do we waft away the story of Easter in favour of more important things such as chicks and bunnies. Imagine Christ's feelings as we disregard His offer of salvation and choose to continue on our own path to ruin. It's not too late, though. As we approach Good Friday and Easter this year, His offer still stands. Why not take advantage of it and say yes to Him today.